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Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar

(6 customer reviews)
(6 customer reviews)


Order your Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar today! The product is an Empty Calendar that is meant to be filled and than given as a gift.

Fill the convenient drawers of your advent calendar with your choice of Cannabis, edibles, weed-treats!(not included)

Your friends will LOVE this festive and fun gift to countdown the days until Christmas, and this calendar has magnetic doors so it opens and closes easily, and is food proof too!

Christmas just got a whole lot better, so order today!



How Many Drawers Are In The Advent Calendar?

There are 24 little drawers and 1 big drawer that start from December 1st to December 25th. You can order this for someone and fill it up with cannabis strains, edibles, small weed gifts etc.

What Date Do I Have To Pre Order By?

Anyone who pre-orders our Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendars should have their orders placed by NOVEMBER 18th. All calendars get shipped out on November 18th.

If I Pre-Ordered My Advent Calendar, But Also Ordered Other Products, Do I Have To Wait?

No waiting! If you buy more products besides your Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar, your other products will be shipped immediately, and your calendar will be shipped separately on November 18th.

What Things Will Fit In The Advent Calendar?

You can put little nuggets of weed, (it's food safe) gummies, candies, THC treats, CBD treats, and weed-inspired gifts! The drawers are 2x2x2 inches.

Do The Advent Calendars Need To Be Gifted Before December 1st?

No, typically it is given on December 1st, but the calendar can also be gifted on Christmas Eve!


Enjoy the holiday season and countdown the days until Christmas with Cannabis!

Each drawer is 2x2x2 inches, so you can fill it up with edibles and weed-treats! Have fun, be creative, and make the Christmas countdown fun with Cannabis and weed-treats!

6 reviews for Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar

  1. Üsmen


  2. Cassandra Gelzhiser

    I would love to present order one of these

  3. seija

    Totally awesome gift for Xmas! love it!

  4. Charmaine Marberry

    How do i buy the cannibus advent calander

  5. Michael Rodriguez

    I need watch it now

  6. April Taylor

    I would like to pre order the Cannabis Christmas advent calendar

  7. Billy

    Need this in my life for xmas for 2020 well wat orbit anyway.

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