This is how you make Cannabis Sugar

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Prepare time: 30 min

Cook: 0 min

THC: 1400 mg per batch

Cannabis sugar is a novel way to add a dash of cannabis to your desserts, coffees, and teas. It’s a sweet idea, no pun intended. Once you’ve got a supply of Cannabis Tincture on hand, why not grab a ½ a cup of tincture to make cannabis sugar?

Cannabis sugar is typically used when you only need a gentle, calming high. For example as a morning pick me up if you are using a sativa blend, or a soothing night-cap if you are using an indica tincture. Cannabis sugar is usually used as more of a condiment instead of a base ingredient like Cannabis butter. or canna oil. If you want more of a potent, knee-knocking high, you can always swap cannabis sugar for the regular sugar used in any dessert. If the recipe already uses cannabis oil or cannabis butter, adding a dose of cannabis sugar is only going to elevate the entire experience.AD

U could even flavor your cannabis sugar by adding a vanilla stick, orange zest or even coffee beans to your finished product. And store in a cool, dark, sealed container for long periods of time. You can even use culinary grade flowers like lavender and rosebuds. These make great flavors in combination with the cannabis flavor for adding to tea.

See our video below on how to make the tincture and cannabis sugar.


Ingredients For Cannabis Sugar


  1. Add 4 cups of sugar into a glass bowl.
  2. Add ½ cup of cannabis tincture and mix well with the sugar.
  3. Line a tray with parchment paper, and even spread the sugar over the parchment paper in a thin layer.
  4. Let stand overnight.
  5. Using a solid object, like a bottle, can or the bottom of a glass, crush up the sugar to remove the lumps. You can also do this step in a food processor, or blender.
  6. You can also do this step in a food processor, or blender.
    Store in a cool dry place.

Cannabis Sugar

This cannabis sugar makes you high!

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Debra Y Mathis January 31, 2019 - 12:29 am

Can you use a dehydrator, instead of air drying?


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