Weed Infused Cheetos. Step By Step instructions | Super Easy!

When it comes to munchies, Cheetos are pretty high up on the list, but have you ever heard of homemade Weed infused Cheetos. We could not find any cannabis infused Cheetos recipes online, so we decide to make our own. And they turned out perfect!

The recipe takes a lot more time than your standard Cannabis Brownie, but it is super easy to make and worth the wait! 

The first step is to make cannabis oil and turn this into cannabis powder, using tapioca maltodextrine. A carb which is used a lot in the culinary world. All we need to do then is make sure we make a delicious tasting super crispie Cheeto that will get you a perfect high. 



  • Add more cayenne pepper for flaming hot weed infused Cheetos
  • If you don’t have a dehydrator setting, use your oven on conventional heat.
  • Don’t fry on a higher temperature than 375F
  • Store the finished cannabis Cheetos in a ziploc bag
  • You can use cannabis powder and dehydrated cheddar cheese to make your own weed infused cheese powder.



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