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CBD Oil in Alabama|Updated Guidelines

Is CBD legal in Alabama? The short answer is yes! Today we’re exploring CBD Oil in Alabama|Updated Guidelines.

The CBD Industry in the glorious USA has some interesting aspects, legalities and important laws to note and sweet home Alabama is no exception!

There seem to be many gaps and loopholes in the laws from State to State, so we’re going to break it down for you so you can easily understand what’s possible and what’s not.

For consumers, this can be challenging when trying to find a quality CBD oil.

As long as you know a few key and important factors, you’ll be able to find CBD oil that works for you!

As far as the current laws and legislation goes in Alabama, here is what we know:

picture of a cannabis leaf for edible marijuana

CBD Oil in Alabama|Updated Guidelines

Based on Federal laws, Alabama consumers who are 18 years old and above are legally allowed to buy CBD oil, as well as other CBD products that comply with the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you’re a licensed hemp grower in Alabama, you can legally harvest, produce and sell industrial hemp products.

This federal law, however, is different from marijuana with THC.

The use or possession of over-the-counter CBD oil products is legal, yes, but the use of CBD oil containing more than 0.3% of THC is prohibited.

Carly’s Law

Former Governor Bentley signed Carly’s Law, or Senate Bill 174 in 2014.

This law granted any patients with medically proven and debilitating epilepsy as well as seizures to consume CBD.

Buying CBD Legally

CBD Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolate, which contain zero traces of CBD are your best buds here.

Broad Spectrum simply means that there is zero THC ( the psychoactive compound that gets you ‘high’) and some terpenes are not extracted.

Terpenes are natural chemicals found on the cannabis plant responsible for aroma and taste like limonene (lemon) and myrcene – which can be found in hops and has a peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance – like in beer!

They can make edibles taste wonderful, especially when you’re cooking.

CBD Isolate is CBD in it’s purest form, without any terpenes extracted whatsoever.

Cannadish 300mg CBD oil tube and jar with black and gold

The 0.3 % law goes the same for CBD products like oils, gummies, topicals, or dog treats – they all need to adhere to the 0.3% rule, so to speak.

Where To Purchase CBD In Alabama

If you’re looking to try CBD and CBD products that are legal, you can purchase them from your local health and wellness dispensaries or licensed retailers.

You can also purchase CBD online through specific websites, as long as the products contain less then 0.3%.

Some of these locations include:

-Magic City Organics

-LLCCannaBama: The CBD Store

-American Cannabis Company, Inc.

How Can CBD Help Your Wellness?

Hand on stomach

CBD may help in one or more of the following health challenges or conditions:

  • Chronic pain, seizures, severe nausea, and acute or persistent muscle spasms.
  • Hepatitis C
  • Glaucoma
  • Immune deficiency syndrome
  • Positive status for HIV
  • Crohn’s disease
  • and more.

What about Traveling Across States With CBD?

The type of CBD oil that’s derived from hemp oil is what’s legal at a federal level (as of the 2018 Farm Bill) and therefore allowed to be taken across state borders, and, yes, on flights.

Can I Order CBD Gummies From Another State?

According to the laws, If the THC percentage is below 0.3 percent, it is ok to order CBD from any other U.S state, because it falls under the “hemp” category.

Cannadish CBD Gummies with Tropical Flavor

Understanding CBD Products

There are many wonderful CBD products available in the States.

CBD Capsules or CBD Oil are great ways to start using CBD in a controlled, manageable way.

You can also enjoy CBD edibles like gummies or CBD cocktail mixers – which contain zero traces of THC – perfect for Arizona and those hot, hot days!

There are also skincare and hair care products such as CBD Cream, and CBD Shampoo as well as CBD Conditioners – all wonderful wellness products that may improve the look and feel of skin and hair overall!

Then there’s the fun part of creating your own CBD edibles at home!

How To Make CBD Oil Edibles At Home

CBD’s versatility has no bounds!

Below is an instructional how-to video on making your own CBD edibles at home.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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