7 Cannabis Retreats For The Ultimate Relaxing Experience

These retreats not only incorporate cannabis, but design a whole weekend around it

Cannabis retreats

Cannabis is gradually making its way into nearly every industry, including the health and wellness scene. You’ve got your CBD beauty products and your THC-infused muscle relaxing ointments. High-end spas are even incorporating cannabis into their menus with CBD massages and facials. 

But what if you’re looking for something more than a CBD spa treatment? Well, thanks to the increasing legalization of marijuana, you can book yourself a cannabis retreat — where you can get really, deeply, relaxed. 

Cannabis retreats aren’t just one-size-fits all. Looking to mix cannabis and meditation, or cannabis and yoga? There are retreats for that. Do you prefer a cannabis event that’s just for women? Yep, those exist, too.

With so many options out there, it might be tough to decide on which to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of some of the best ones right here.

Get Your Relaxation On With One of These Cannabis Retreats

From jet-setting destinations to beautiful locals in the United States, there are now a wide variety of cannabis retreats. And all of them are ready to cater to your relaxation needs. 

Here are just a few:

Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat

What better place to immerse yourself in everything cannabis than in Jamaica? Coral Cove Resort is just about as secluded as ganja retreats come. That way, you can really get weird if you want, and you won’t have to worry about tourists gawking at you. 

Spend your day hiking or check out Coral Cove’s healing mineral spring. And be sure to sample some of the many cannabis strains that are grown on-site. And if you’re interested in edibles, Coral Cove has got you covered. Their farm-to-table dinners are also infused with cannabis.


If you’re on the hunt for a retreat that combines cannabis and yoga, give Ganjasana a try. The cannabis is organically, ethically and sustainably sourced. The only catch is, this cannabis retreat is for women only. It’s meant to be an empowering, spiritual getaway that infuses the healing properties of cannabis. 

But what’s special about Ganjasana. The retreats don’t just utilize one location. Book a cannabis retreat in Colorado, or join Ganjasana on the island of Dominica. Either way, you’ll experience a balancing, wellness-inducing weekend of cannabis splendor.

420 Yoga Retreats

If you’re more interested in a cannabis and yoga retreat that you can share with your partner, check out 420 Yoga Retreats. Located in Manitou Springs, CO, they’ve got a cannabis retreat catered toward couples. And even better, it takes place during Valentine’s Day. What better way to get closer to your loved one than a little weed and a few asanas?

Over a magical three days, this retreat aims to help your relationship grow and deepen. Through conscientious pairings of marijuana with yoga and massage, your body will also have a deep experience of relaxation.

Cannabliss Retreats

This outfit is based in California, but takes its retreats all over the globe. From the United States, to Canada and Jamaica, you can pick a ganja retreat that fits your travel needs. Their goal is to expand your mind, strengthen your body and awaken your spirit. All with the help of a half ounce of flower, along with spiritual mentors and naturopath doctors.

Some of the anecdotal reports from this five-day cannabis event have called it life-changing and profound. This retreat isn’t just about cannabis for relaxation. It’s also an educational event with a goal of whole body and mind wellness.

Glowing Goddess Getaway

Located in Pescadero, California, this women-only retreat is designed to be both empowering and transformational. In an age where many women are still secretive about their cannabis use, the Glowing Goddess Getaway appeals to those who want to “find their tribe.”

Bring your own tent or reserve an on-site yurt. Either way, get ready to connect with your fellow goddesses over a joint, a dab or some edibles. Don your flower crown and grab some weed-infused cotton candy, get a massage, or just chill. This retreat promises to let you follow your own daily agenda, without a preconceived schedule. 

Elevate + Flow

Travel to the beautiful Geyser Peak Ranch in Sonoma, California, and you’ll find a holistic cannabis retreat to heal your soul. Here, you can experience cannabis and yoga, with an onsite guru. There’s also an astrologer and a shaman, to help guide you on your cannabis-infused life path. 

You’ll be treated to guided cannabis and meditation, cannabis snacks and beverages, cannabis farm-to-table dinners, and even a cannabis sound bath. The retreat is meant to shift perspectives around cannabis, as well as sustainable living.

Alaska Cannabis Retreat

Looking to book a cannabis retreat that is truly remote? Look no further than the edge of the world in Alaska. This retreat is located on forty acres with only one road in or out. You can fish, hike, or go biking — with gear available at the retreat for you to use. 

You can also take a tour of nearby local attractions like Denali National Park, Hatchers Pass, and Talkeetna. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little too stoned to drive. The retreat’s hosts provide a driver to you, who is also happy to stop at any smoke shops, head shops or grow rooms you might want to visit.

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