5 Tips For Keeping Kids Away From Edibles

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Cannabis edibles are great and can be very important for your medical reasons. And also recreational. But, what if you have children around the house? 

Edibles can be appealing to children if  they come in the form of cookies or candies. Your child will not die from downing a cannabis edible on accident. However, there are real risks if your young kid gets into your edibles. This could lead to adverse effects for them and legal consequences for you.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to take edibles! If you’re planning to make or eat them in the home you share with children there are steps you should take. These best practices will help you create a child safe environment in your house.

Lock ’Em Up

Treat it like any medication: Store it out of children’s reach in child-resistant containers or a lockbox. Never keep marijuana edibles with other foods. For example, many edibles are packaged to resemble familiar treats. Consider the appearance of weed gummy bears and brownies. There is no way for your to tell the difference. If visitors bring edibles or weed into your house, make sure it’s always out of  your childrens’ reach.

Choose Your Infusions

Unlike joints or dabs, sweets have fairly universal appeal for children. Whipping up a batch of cupcakes or brownies is likely to pique their interest. Instead, consider sticking to basics like cannabis oil and cannabis butter.

Versatile and relatively easy to create, base infusions can be crafted in small batches. They are easily incorporated into foods that adults love, that most little ones don’t. Drizzle some infused cannabis oil over those veggies, or use your cannabis oil to make Bulletproof Coffee.

Smaller Dosages

If you have children around the house, keep your dosages smaller. A 1000mg THC cookie will not have the same effect as a 5mg cookie. Any edible that contains large amounts have the potential to invoke a terrible experience. If a kid takes 1 bite of a 5mg THC cookie, he or she will most likely not get any serious effects from it. Remember, high doses of THC will send your kid to the emergency room. 

Always Label

Regardless of whether you have kids in the house, labelling prevents accidental edible consumption.

When in doubt, overdo it. Tracking interesting culinary details like times, temperatures, strain names, and ingredient ratios will help you become a better cannabis cook. Add these details directly to containers of edibles. For extra safety with little ones, consider creating your own edibles symbol. Training your kids to recognize that anything that bears this label is off-limits for them.

Talk To Your Child

Locking and labelling is essential. Interestingly, the most effective prevention strategies mitigate human error. If you feel the conversation is age-appropriate, you can gain extra assurance by showing your kids your infused foods. Let them know that if they ever see this cookie, or that label, that it’s not for them. Remind your children that your infused edibles are grownup treats. Help them recognize that this can make kids and pets very sick. Make the directive understood that if these food are found out of their container, you should be alerted immediately.

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