WWE CHAMP had his Belt made from Hemp!

by Cannadish
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Current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan has trashed his leather championship belt in favor of a vegan one made from sustainable Hemp– a fitting decoration for The Planet’s Champion.

The four-time champ debuted the new belt on “SmackDown Live” on the USA Network on Tuesday following his victory over challenger AJ Styles on Sunday night’s Royal Rumble PPV.

When he became WWE Champion, Bryan vowed to change the world. To do so, he said we need new symbols. He then revealed a new title belt made from from 100% sustainable organic hemp and the oak from a tree that fell naturally. Bryan declared the hemp WWE Championship the new symbol of excellence.


In an in-ring segment, Bryan stood before a trash can with new accomplice, former Wyatt Family member Rowan, who he called his “intellectual peer,” beside him. 

“This,” he paused before chucking the old leather WWE Championship belt, “is trash. I said that when I became the WWE Champion, that I was going to change the world. But to change the world, we need new symbols.”

The vegan champ previously mentioned that he would debut a leather-free belt and it looks like WWE helped him make good on his promise.

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