Will Amazon Eventually Sell Cannabis if it becomes federally legal?

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The convenience of online shopping combined with a wide assortment of products has helped make Amazon one of the most valuable companies in the world. Is it so weird to think Amazon might soon deliver cannabis to your door steps?

If you had asked anyone a couple years ago whether Amazon would enter the cannabis market, the answer would have been virtually 100% “no.” However, things have a changed a lot since then and Hypothetically speaking, the possibility of Amazon selling cannabis is growing. 

According to a new study done by Investing.com that surveyed a 1000 people and asked what they would be comfortable buying from Amazon if the e-commerce giant would sell it. And not surprisingly, medical cannabis was on that list.

Marijuana CEO Believes Amazon Will Eventually Sell Cannabis

According to a Yahoo! Finance interview, the CEO of cannabis delivery company Eaze believes that Amazon will eventually get its foot in the door of this budding industry. According to Jim Patterson:

“I think there’s no doubt that eventually Amazon will get into this business. The question is, is that five years, 10 years, or 20 years? I think it will be a bit longer for them… until there’s much more clarity at the federal level [in the U.S.].”

Eaze, which acts as a middleman technology service that allows consumers to choose their cannabis online for delivery and then directs deliveries from marijuana dispensaries closest to the consumer, is at the heart of what could be a $1 billion on-demand pot delivery industry by 2020.

Given Amazon’s ability to keep its customers loyal via Prime, as well as its superior logistics, it’s not a preposterous idea that Amazon could one day become a marijuana middleman.

Amazon certainly has the cash flow and consumer loyalty to consider a push into the cannabis industry, but a long list of uncertainties is likely to keep the retail kingpin from getting its hands on the green rush anytime soon. But would marijuana be federally legal, what could stop them? They are already selling alcohol through Amazon.

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