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What Is Dabbing? Cannabis Concentrates 101


What Is Dabbing? Cannabis Concentrates 101

Today we’re exploring a rising trend in the weed world and asking the question: What is Dabbing? Cannabis Concentrates 101.

So what exactly is a Dab?

Dabs are portions of cannabis concentrates that you vape using a dab rig, through the process known as dabbing.

This concentrated form of weed is usually much more potent than inhaling the marijuana flower – so beginners, be cautious!

Cannabis enthusiasts everywhere are singing the praises of dabbing, because it delivers a very clean taste if done properly.

Some trending examples of THC concentrate that can be dabbed include budder, badder, live resin, rosin, and BHO ( butane hash oil).

Can you use CBD concentrate as well? Absolutely!

More About Dabbing

Dabbing literally hit the ground running and is one of the most trending and popular ways to consume cannabis.

Like I said earlier, the high is potent and powerful – so just be cautious if you’re a beginner.


How Do You Dab?

It’s not the popular-trending dance everyone was doing from that crazy addictive video game.

Consumption is usually done with a dab rig – which is a glass chamber similar to a bong.

Rigs generally require titanium, ceramic, quartz or glass nail which is better known as a banger.

Using a butane torch or e-nail, you bring the banger to a temp that quickly vaporizes the concentrate, and voila! You feel the high, my oh my!


How to Dab Weed Concentrates?

It may feel a little overwhelming for budding beginners – there are a lot of accessories and tools needed for dabbing.

Once you’ve got it down though, using a rig can be easy and efficient!

Here are some easy steps to following when dabbing concentrates:

Step #1: heat up the nail with your torch. If it’s your very first time, make sure it heats up until it’s glowing and red. This will make sure all of the particles are burned off.

Step #2: Let it cool down a bit, trying to get a temperature of about 300-450 degrees F. This will ensure you get the best flavour possible.

Step #3: Place the cannabis concentrate on the surface of the nail, and slowly inhale the vapour. Take a nice, slow long inhale.

Step #4: Exhale the vapour quickly.

Step #5: Clean your nail and never leave any residue left over so every time you use the rig, it’s a nice clean and fresh taste.

How Long Does Dabbing Stay In Your System?

Dabbing stays in your system for around 4 weeks give or take.

It is dependant on how often you consume THC, and how much!

Metabolism also plays a factor here – so if it’s slow, it might hang around a little longer, and if it’s fast – it might leave quicker!

What Are Some Dabbing Tools To Use?


It’s exciting when weed newcomers start their dabbing journeys!

Here’s a helpful checklist of items and tools you’ll want to invest in to make dabbing convenient, easy and fun!

  1. Rig – the chamber of a glass water pipe.
  2. Banger or Nail – the attachment where dabs are vaped when heated. There are a lot of different styles so choose a simple one when starting out.
  3. Carb Cap – a ceramic, titanium or glass cap with a small hole that covers the top of the nail – it’s like a lid to keep in the heat.
  4. Dabber – a tool you’ll need to use for removing dab from a concentrate container and placing it inside the nail or banger to heat it up.
  5. Torch – a butane torch is the best for heating the nail and dabbing at the right temps.
  6. Quartz Insert – basically adds a little more surface area to your nail or banger increasing your chances to get the most out of low temp dabs.

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Navigating the world of Cannabis for your health and wellness can be challenging and exciting too!

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Learning more about CBG oil benefits might also be a great start.

As always, wishing you the best in weed-wellness!

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