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What Is CBD Shatter? Why And How To Use This Infusion

Get to know all about how to use CBD shatter.
CBD shatter

Get to know the latest CBD craze, CBD Shatter.

With CBD becoming more well-known and well-used for inflammation, chronic pain and anxiety — as well as a whole host of other conditions — new and more targeted ways of consuming CBD are hitting the market. Some of these innovative methods are designed to remove the presence of THC altogether, which may be beneficial for individuals who don’t want to consume THC, or can’t due to professional constraints.

The latest trend for administering CBD without any THC is called shatter, and it’s often consumed through a process called “dabbing.” Don’t know what shatter or dabbing mean? You’re not alone. This is all relatively new to the cannabis market.

So, what is CBD shatter, Anyway?

cbd shatter

CBD shatter is basically crystalline CBD. What’s that you ask? It is CBD isolate, namely, CBD oil in its most pure form. Using a process like CO2 extraction, CBD is separated from all other plant material. This means it is isolated from the other compounds present in the cannabis plant. All that remains is a product that contains only CBD, and nothing else.

Isolates can come in powder or wax form. When making shatter, the extract is kept in an undisturbed environment away from light or heat. This environment will allow your weed shatter to set. The result is a shiny, yellow, crystallized isolate that looks similar to CBD wax. Excitingly, this weed extraction is a little more pure.

Now, CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid to be made into a shatter. THC shatter is also making an appearance on the cannabis market. Which as you can guess, offers a super-potent alternative to other methods such as smoking, vaping or edibles. In addition, THC shatter is an isolate. In turn, it has the potential to contain well above 80 percent THC.

Since CBD shatter has been separated from all other compounds, it does not contain any THC. This means it won’t get you high. If you can’t tolerate THC in your system CBD shatter might be the perfect way to deliver this anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety medicine, completely worry free. Consider supplementing your THC with this CBD extraction for personal health reasons or for job-related concerns.

How to Use CBD Shatter

marijuana shatter from cbd bud

The most common way of consuming CBD shatter is a process called “dabbing.” This requires the use of a heating element, like a dab rig — which can look similar to a bong. A dab rig is designed to heat up CBD isolates like oil, wax or shatter by applying it to a hot surface, which produces a vapor which you can then inhale. Along with dabbing rigs, there are also dabbing nails and torches. They are all designed to vaporize your CBD isolate for inhalation.

What kind of device you choose to dab with is up to your own personal preference. You can find anything from large, glass, bong-like devices, to simple hand-held tools that look sort of like vape pens. So before you go out shopping for your own dabbing mechanism, do your research. You’ll want to find the method that best suits your lifestyle.

If dabbing sounds a bit too complicated, there are other ways to consume CBD shatter. You can also combine shatter with food or drinks, or you can even just eat it by itself. Mix up CBD-infused cocktails or add a healthy dose of this anti-inflammatory to your spaghetti sauce.

How to Use CBD Shatter to Make Your Own CBD Oil

You can also use CBD shatter to make your own extra-potent CBD oil at home. By infusing it with an ingredient like coconut oil, you can measure out and create your own. And your CBD oil will only contain the ingredients you want. No THC hiding in there, no other chemicals or harmful ingredients that might be present in commercially purchased oils. From there, you can get creative. Add your CBD oil to your own artisanal products, like CBD bath bombs or even CBD-infused shampoo.

Making your own CBD oil using CBD shatter is easy. All you need is a saucepan. Simply heat either coconut, hemp or olive oil at a low temperature along with your CBD shatter. Stir for about ten minutes to allow the ingredients to dissolve and blend. At that point, you can add other ingredients, such as essential oils. Then, allow the mixture to cool. As a dosing guide, if you use 1,000mg of CBD shatter with 10ml oil, you’ll wind up with an oil that is 10 percent CBD concentrate.

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