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A short video to introduce you to to the many cannabis infusions you can make at home. Create delicious weed edibles, cannabis topicals, and more! 
A fun recipe to cook on a day off. Remember that THC degrades at temperatures above 350F. Follow this weed recipe carefully and your cannabis donuts will be done in no time. This weed treat is great at breakfast or as a cannabis dessert! 
Cannabis Infused Lollipops are a discrete and sweet high. Follow this DIY video to learn to create Cannabis Lollipops using a THC Tincture. 
Cannabis marshmallows are perfect for a camping trip with friends. Slowly get high from the THC while enjoying cannabis treats by the fire. Check out this DIY recipe for weed infused marshmallows!
Surprise your loved one with these cannabis infused Valentine's Chocolates. Use an empty box and fill them with cannabis candies sweetly tied with a bow. Let your lover know you made THC weed chocolates for the ultimate cannabis gift!
Cannabis Infused Cookies with an interesting twist. These easy to make weed cookies are super delicious and fun! Follow our DIY Video to create your own weed infused Twix Cookies! 
Learn to infuse Cannabis Tequila with Cannadish! Throwing in a weed party? Create weed infused tequila for cannabis cocktails or weed shooters. Follow this DIY video to create Weed Infused Tequila! 
Wake up to a warm weed beverage. Cannabis Infused Salted Caramel Coffee is a sweet and savory weed drink that you'll be craving for days. Learn to create weed infused salted caramel sauce and add it to this delicious coffee!
A cannabis recipe if you want to remove some of the smell and taste of your cannabis oil. The process is a little longer, but the end results are worth it! Follow this DIY weed oil recipe for high quality cannabis oil! 
Enjoy this Weed Infused Green Smoothie Drink as a morning weed snack or after work out weed beverage. This cannabis infused drink taste great! Enjoy a healthy weed smoothie! Follow this DIY video to create your marijuana green smoothie!