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Learn to make Weed Popcorn for movie night! This THC infused popcorn is super tasty and easy to make. Enjoy a salty weed snack while you watch your favorite film. Check out this easy to follow video for delicious Cannabis Popcorn! 
Learn to make Cannabis Infused Pot Pie. This THC weed edible makes a great weed dinner or cannabis lunch meal. Follow our DIY video and learn to cook with cannabis. 
Celebrate with weed infused champagne mimosas. Learn to make cannabis cocktails suitable for a weed wedding. Ring in the New Year with Weed Mimosas or enjoy a THC infused weed brunch. This THC drink is simple and delicious. 
Learn to make a weed Birthday Cake. This simple birthday cake infused with THC will complement a cannabis birthday party perfectly. Check out our DIY video for an easy weed dessert that will feed the group. This weed cake will make your day!  
Learn to make Cannabis Bubblegum. This weed gum is tasty and a discrete way to dose THC. Check out this DIY video for weed infused gum. We use cannabis sugar to sweeten this classic weed candy. 
Homemade cannabis peanut butter from scratch. Made from fresh peanuts and cannabis oil. Create the perfect weed spread for cannabis snacks or weed baking ideas.
Learn to make Cannabis Lasagna! This super potent edible is easy to create and very tasty. Whip up a large weed lasagna for a delicious cannabis lunch or weed dinner party with friends! 
Is it a hot summer day? Try THC Infused Milkshakes to cool down. Be careful not to over consume as these weed drinks are hard to stop sipping!
Cozy up to a warm weed beverage. Cannabis White Hot Chocolate is easy to make and fantastic to taste. Enjoy this weed white hot chocolate next to the fire or on a cold winter night. 
THC Infused Cheetos are for our advanced cannabis cooks. It takes time and patience, but the end result will not disappoint! This weed snack is crunchy and delicious! Serve at a weed party or for movie night.