Top 5 cannabis side dishes for Thanksgiving

With so many states legal in 2018. More people start to consume cannabis edibles every day. Just 20 years ago, cooking with cannabis was still considered both completely taboo and reserved only for stoners. Far as most people concerned, the only health benefits of marijuana were that it got you high. Of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re probably now aware that there is a ton of benefits of cooking with cannabis.

With more people consuming, it also comes with a lot more recipe choices than just your classic pot brownies. The world of edibles has expanded drastically over the last few years. Cannabis infused diners are being organized all across the U.S, And incorporated in holidays such as Thanksgiving.

Cannadish selected our 5 favorite recipes for tonight to get the good vibes going.


Give that turkey a psychedelic life by adding a cannabis-infused gravy. A basic turkey gravy, Porcini mushroom gravy or red wine gravy. It does not matter. Simply take half of your finished sauce aside and whisk in a little Cannabis butter for a gravy option to impress your friends and family tonight.


Eggnog is a great seasonal beverage, made in all kinds of ways with a lot of different flavorings from caramel to chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg. Often with a little something alcoholic for extra boost. With so many states that legalized cannabis in 2018. Why not change the tradition to cannabis infused?

Just a small dose of cannabis extract, just to feel that light body high. Simply add a dash of Cannabis sugar or little Cannabis milk to your favorite eggnog recipe and your good to go.

Cranberry spinach salad

With all the health benefits cannabis infused food has to offer. How about putting out a healthy side dish for the holiday. If you want something new to try for your Thanksgiving menu, toss this salad together. Fresh spinach leaves are tossed with cannabis toasted almonds and dried cranberries and poppy seeds.

Cannabis mac and cheese

Do you like the strong flavors of cannabis coming out in a dish? Then this is for you.

With cannabis milk being the basic extract used in this recipe, you can count on a strong cannabis flavored mac and cheese.

Everyone has their favorite baked mac and cheese recipe.It uses a combination of cheeses, layered in the dish as well as melted into a rich and creamy cheese sauce, for the ultimate in cheesy deliciousness.

Cannabis oatmeal cookies

Thanksgiving celebrations call for dessert.

Surprise your guest this year with a magical dessert. And if you’re looking for a cookie recipe? Check out this cannabis oatmeal cookie recipe . Change the recipe to your own likes. Maybe add some spiced pumpkin.

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