This is how you make Cannabis infused Bacon Fat.

This is for all the people that love cannabis and bacon. We will show you a recipe how to combine the two by making cannabis infused bacon fat. This delicious THC infused bacon grease can be used for all kind of weed edible recipes such as rice dishes, sauces, or sprinkle some of the oil on your pizza. There is almost no end when it comes to bacon right?

Cannabis is usually infused with butter or oil. That is why you see and hear a lot of people using cannabis butter and oil in edible recipes. But it works exactly the same with bacon fat. But weed infused bacon fat is far more delicious and camouflages the taste of marijuana buds much better.

You render bacon fat by first cooking bacon. The trick is to cook the bacon slowly, on medium low heat. This way you make sure you don’t burn any of the bacon. At the same time you can decarboxylate your cannabis buds to activate the THC in your buds. The rest of the recipe is exactly the same as making a batch of Cannabutter.

This recipe will show you how to render bacon fat and infuse it with THC cannabis.
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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Keyword: bacon, cannabis infusion
THC: 700 – 1400 Mg


  • 1 Pound Sliced bacon High fat with less meat
  • 7 Grams Cannabis
  • 1 Tbsp sunflower lecithin


  • Pre heat your oven to 240F
  • Take 7 grams of cannabis buds and spread them evenly on an oven tray with baking sheet. Cover with silver foil.( do not grind the cannabis fine. Medium chunks does well)
  • Let the cannabis decarboxylate for 40 minutes.
  • While the cannabis is decarbing in the oven, take a lare cooking pan and get your bacon strips ready.
  • On low to medium heat, cook the bacon evenly for around 10 minutes untill all fat comes out of the bacon. Strain the fat through a sieve into a mason jar. ( do this in batches untill all bacon is cooked)
  • You should now have about 1 cup of bacon fat in the mason jar. Once cannabis is decarbed, place the buds in the mason jar which contains the bacon fat together witb the lecithin powder.
  • In a medium pot, fill with cold water and place your mason jar in it. Turn on the heat and let the cold water come to a simmer.
  • Let it simmer for 2 – 3 hours. Continue to fill water in the pan if some of it evaporates.
  • After 2 – 3 hours, strain your cannabis buds out of the bacon fat. Discard the cannabis. (All THC is now in the bacon grease)
  • Your bacon fat is now infused with THC.


Make sure that the mason jars you use are strong. Also, always make sure to start them off in cold water to avoid the jars shattering during the heating process.
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