This Cannabis lubricant recipe will give a woman a mind blowing orgasm!

Cannabis infused lubricants may well change women’s sex lives forever. Not only does canna-infused oil relax the entire area, it also enhances natural lubrication. And ofcourse the best cannabis infused lubes you can get are the ones you make at your self. Here is our recipe.

Cannabis lube intensifies the whole sexual experience. It is not crazy that there are many cannabis infused lubes entering the market. While men can use it too, the effect appears to be most intense when used on female genitalia.

Applying cannabis-infused lubrication to the lips and entrance to the vagina has several effects. It relaxes the entire area. It makes the outer lips and inner walls more sensitive. It appears to stimulate the body’s own natural lubricants. It can also dramatically increase the number and sensations of orgasms. Want to take it to an even higher level? Use cannabis strain: “Sexxpot” SPECIFICALLY designed TO MAKE WOMEN ORGASM.

A percect gift for valentine’s day? Let’s get to the recipe!


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