These Are Some Amazing Cannabis Christmas Themed Gifts For The Holiday

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Legalization has made cannabis a more visible presence at festive gatherings across the board – from marijuana weddings to pot-infused fine dining. And while sharing edibles around the fireplace may not be quite as popular (yet) as passing around the Christmas cookies, there are plenty of ways to enjoy getting responsibly baked this holiday season.

A slew of holiday-themed products have already made their way on to the market. This Christmas, those who desire can take advantage of some great cannabis Christmas themed gifts. We made a list of some great holiday gifts this year.

Cannabis Advent Calendar:

Marijuana growers in B.C. are blazing a new path when it comes to Christmas gifts this year, by putting a twist on the traditional advent calendar.
Daniel Mongeau and three others operate out of Metchosin and have a permit to grow medicinal marijuana.
Rather than a daily dose of chocolate, the Cannabis Christmas Calendar offers a different strain of pot each day with the most potent one saved for Dec. 25.
While it is a little to late to buy this gift, the good news is you can catch up with the passed days and open them all up. Learn more Here.


This winter, mistletoe and cannabis have combined to make a fun (and interactive) holiday decoration called ‘Mistletoke’ — limited edition floral arrangements from the California-based cannabis company Zoma. As the name suggests, these goodies are comprised of fresh mistletoe that has been tied together with a variety of large cannabis buds.

Cannabis ornaments

Do you put up a Christmas tree? I love how everyone goes about decorating a Christmas tree differently.
Each ornament tells a story, and these cannabis ornaments by Western Cultured are filled with cannabis and comes with a wide variety of different strain possibilities.

Puff holiday card

With all kind of Christmas themes cards You can discreetly tuck it into a festive card with the help of Puff Cards. Each card includes a sleeve to hold the preroll and a seasonal greeting.

Homemade Cannabis Infused Treats

Show your loved ones how much you care this holiday season with a homemade cannabis infused treat. Click Here for some great cannabis recipes for the holidays. For an extra thoughtful touch, attach the recipe so they can recreate the magic whenever the mood strikes.

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