The Future of cannabis: Cannabis Drinkables

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Companies are capitalizing on marijuana’s march towards widespread legalization by developing new ways to ingest cannabis. One method in particular that’s on the rise is cannabis-infused beverages, from beer to soda to tea and coffee.

Millenials perceive cannabis to be safer and healthier and people want to cut down on alcohol, and if given an alternative that has an intoxicating effect, cannabis drinkables seem to be the perfect solution.

For cannabis infused drinks to be a succes, the beverages would have to be based on water-soluble THC, which would be quickly absorbed and give the user immediate feedback, unlike fat-soluble THC, which takes much longer.

Companies that are developing these cannabis drinkables promises to be able to do that. This means it will get you high within 10 minutes of slurping. The effects of the products, some THC-infused and some CBD-infused, are said to last roughly 90 minutes.

Canadian Beer Companies are already brewing cannabis beer. With a combination of hops, water, yeast – and cannabis. Any alcohol produced during the processing is removed, resulting in a non-alcoholic, gluten-free beer that offers a high.

The aim is to create a product that, when consumed, will be roughly equivalent to a single dose of alcohol. So far the company’s experimental products have averaged about 6.5mg THC a beer.

But another challenge these drinkables might be facing, is that with alcohol, the tolerance level is pretty much similar for everybody. However, when it comes to THC, a novice might start feeling the effects after a 3mg THC drink while someone with a high tolerance would need at least 50 drinks (150mg) to start feeling the effects.

Once companies can perfect cannabis drinkables, it seems that a weed infused drink is the perfect substitute for those who do not want to smoke or eat edibles.

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