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Emoji Faces Sillicone Mold

(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

Our Silicone Emoji Faces Weed Edible Mold is perfect for cannabis cooking no matter the mood.

This weed cooking accessory is perfect for cannabis party favors or to dose THC daily.
If you dose with CBD infused edibles or THC treats, this mold will make life easier.

Our non-stick, easy-to-clean Silicone Mold will create fun cannabis treats without the sticky mess.


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How many emoji face molds come in 1 order?

2 pink molds

What can i use in my emoji face sillicone molds?

This is a great and fun way for your daily use of THC or CBD and you can place edibles like candies, chocolates, gummies, or even weed- infused ice cubes.

How many emoji faces can i make with 1 mold?

  • Material: Sillicone
  • Color: 2 x pink
  • Cavities: 28 per mold

1 review for Emoji Faces Sillicone Mold

  1. Gary

    Finally! I’ve found great cooking utensils for dosing edible weed. I’m 71 and have had 23 surgeries, 4 breaks to the neck, another break on my mid-back with titanium to support my spine. Do I NEED weed – YES! It’s the only thing that controls the feeling that thousands of ants come pouring out of my belly and low back. With these handy tools, life will be much easier and dosing will be more accurate. Thank you so much for establishing this site and the goods available along with great ideas and recipes.

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