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CBD Coffee K-Cups - Hemp You Can Feel

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CBD Coffee K-Cups-Hemp You Can Feel

There’s nothing better than a hot, fresh cup of exceptional coffee first thing in the morning to start your day off right! Feel alert, calm, and focused too. Enjoy our CBD Coffee K-Cups – Hemp You Can Feel daily!

With CBD infused into our k-cups, you may even ease minor inflammation and discomfort.

CBD Coffee K-Cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable and almost all of the blends are 95-100% certified organic.

Our coffee is based on hemp extracts processed through honey bees who love hemp.

This produces a unique hemp extract fortified honey. 

Four coffee k-cups or pods come in each package.


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30 mg CBD per K-Cup

Total CBD

120 mg CBD

Amount of CBD

30 mg CBD Per Serving

Product Facts

0% THC, 0% Alcohol,100% Arabica Cofee

Certified Organic Coffee, Organic Inulin From Vegetables, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract With 30mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), Honey From Organic Farms, Trace Amounts of Vegetable Oil and Organic Coconut Oil.

Suggested Use

1) Open the lid, and place your favorite CBD Coffee K-Cup pack into the coffee chamber.

2) Fill the water reservoir before brewing.

3) Close the lid, place your coffee mug on the drink plate, select your cup size, and hit the brew button.

4) Enjoy one perfect cup of Hemp You Can Feel coffee in less than one minute.


Our products are based on hemp extracts processed through honey bees. Honey bees love hemp, which they readily consume to produce a unique hemp extract fortified honey. The secret is in the enzymes used by bees to convert nectar into honey. These enzymes convert the hemp into a concentrated, water-soluble, all-natural hemp extract preparation that we added to our products.

The coffee we use is organically sourced from Columbia, Brazil, and Guatemala.

We thoroughly test all of our products.  


Will I get high from this?

No, you won't get high as our coffee is infused with CBD and has 0 traces of THC. 

How many CBD coffee k-cups can I have in one day?

You can enjoy 1-2 cups every day, and even 3 depending on your wellness routine habits. Each k-cup contains 30 mg of CBD.

What type of coffee makers do the k-cups work with?

Our CBD Coffee K-Cups fit in any coffee maker that indicates it is k-cup compatible. There are many machines out there. 

Who can drink the CBD coffee?

While we don't know any children who enjoy coffee as much as adults, is it imperative to note that our CBD coffee k-cups are for adults only.


  1. Dave Douglas (verified owner)

    These k cups are outstanding..just the level of cbd in a cup of coffee!!

  2. Jay

    Lets review!

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