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CBD Cocktail Mixer - Hemp You Can Feel

(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

CBD Cocktail Mixer -Hemp You Can Feel

Looking for a delicious and refreshing alternative to alcohol? With zero chemicals and amazing taste, you can enjoy our hemp-infused cocktail and soda syrup often! Tasty on ice, or garnished with mint, fresh fruits, or a healthy splash of sparkling water too.

CBD Cocktail Mixers offer less than 1 milligram of hemp extract per serving.

These tasty infusions interact with the body naturally, producing a relaxing effect, without the negative effects of alcohol.

Made with hemp extracts processed through honey bees!

Enjoy Margarita Jalapeno, Hibiscus Lemon Mint or Cosmopolitan today with friends or as a night cap to a busy day!

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237 ml/8 fl oz

Total CBD

1 mg CBD

Amount of CBD

1mg CBD Per Serving

Product Facts

0% THC, 0% Alcohol

Water, cane sugar, organic lemon juice, and essential oils, citric acid, hemp extracts with less than 1 mg of hemp extract per serving, honey from organic farms, organic inulin fro vegetables, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), organic hibiscus extract, organic peppermint extract and trace amounts of organic coconut oil.

Suggested Use

Combine 2 tbsp/ 1.0 oz with ice and 12 oz sparkling water. Shake and enjoy.


Hemp You Can Feel Cocktail Mixers are made with hemp extracts processed through honey bees.

Honey bees love hemp, which they readily consume to produce a unique hemp extract fortified honey. The secret is in the enzymes used by bees to convert nectar into honey. These enzymes convert the hemp into a concentrated, water-soluble, all-natural hemp extract preparation that we added to our products.


Will I get high from this?

We equate two Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktails to the relaxing effect of consuming one normally mixed alcoholic beverage. You may experience a nice little buzz.

Are these really a replacement for alcoholic beverages?

Absolutely!  We think Hemp You Can Feel Cocktail mixers are a highly effective replacement for alcoholic beverages.

There is conclusive scientific evidence there are no safe levels of alcohol consumption, yet millions each day reach for an alcoholic beverage to relax. Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktail mixers are a viable alternative.  Based on unique bee honey-infused hemp extracts, our cocktail mixers provide a level of relaxation you can truly feel, without any of the adverse effects of alcohol.

How do I use the mixers?

Each mixer has exact measurements and directions on the label, but mix either one or two ounces of the Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktail mixers in a glass with ice and fill with filtered or sparkling water - perhaps garnish with mint, lemon or lime - stir or shake - and enjoy.

How long does a bottle last?

As long as you have it refrigerated after opening, you can enjoy it for 3-5 days to maintain freshness. Of course, we don't think it will last that long because our mixers are so tasty you'll likely want to drink them fast!

Who can drink the mixers?

Hemp You Can Feel Cocktail Mixers are for adults only.

1 review for CBD Cocktail Mixer – Hemp You Can Feel

  1. Dipolog

    Was excited to try this product. Product arrived quickly after ordering. Good flavor. Made cocktails for me and my husband. Didn’t feel anything at first so had a second. After a few minutes it did feel like I had a stong cocktail. I feel it. Relaxing. Very pleased

    • Steph Van De Ven

      Steph Van De Ven

      Great! We’re so happy to read this. Enjoy!

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