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Aspartame and Hemp Sweetener - Hemp You Can Feel


Aspartame and Hemp Sweetener – Hemp You Can Feel™ 

Aspartame and Hemp Sweetener Packets are a sweet blend of aspartame and other sweeteners with hemp extracts based on Bee-Fuse™ Technology.

It’s a cutting-edge, first-in-the-world process where we allow bees to naturally express active cannabinoids in their honey!

THC Free and 100% Non-GMO.

25 packets come in one package/box.

Add a little sweetness to your day with our Aspartame and Hemp Sweetener!


$14.99 $9.99



1.15 oz/32.5 grams

Total CBD

1 mg CBD

Amount of CBD

1mg CBD Per Serving

Product Facts

0% THC, Hemp Extract Honey. Aspartame.

Dextrose, Aspartame, Hemp Extract Honey From Bees, Powdered by Bee-Fuse™ Technology, Non-GMO Starches.

Suggested Use

Use wherever you would normally use your other sweeteners too! Cooking, baking, sweets, fruits, in drinks and anything else you love eating!


Aspartame and Hemp Sweetener - a great wellness alternative to the other sweeteners out there on the market.

Made with the help of bees who love honey and hemp. A low-calorie sweetener is a great option for your wellness routine.

Made from 100% natural hemp, aspartame, and other sweeteners.

Made from full-spectrum hemp extracts and contains no THC - so you won't get high.

In partnership with ethical beekeepers and ethical honey.


What is aspartame?

Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener much sweeter than sucrose and is commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages. 

Will I get high from a hemp-based sweetener?

No, because our aspartame and hemp sweetener contains ZERO traces of THC.

How much should I use in my coffee or tea?

Since these aspartame and hemp sweeteners are already sweet enough, you may wish to use less than you normally do and increase from there if desired.

How many packets of low-cal sweetener come in a package?

25 packets of sugar come in one package. You'll be able to enjoy their sweetness for a while!



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