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Peppermint 1500mg CBD Oil - Double Pack


Peppermint is smooth and soothing, while Organic MCT Oil is rich in wellness properties.

Our 3000mg CBD Oil Bundle Pack contains  2x 1500mg bottles of high-quality peppermint terpenes to enhance not only the taste but may also aid in healthy digestion too.

Enjoy our Cannadish bundle pack today so you have a surplus of health right at your fingertips, without the hassle of having to order frequently.

Longevity and health are what we are all about.

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2x 30ml

Total CBD


Amount of CBD

1500mg p/Bottle

Product Facts

Broad Spectrum 0% THC

Organic MCT Oil (Coconut Oil), Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Terpenes Flavoring.

Suggested Use

Shake well before each use to get the most out of your Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. Use 1-2 times daily as you see fit. Place 1 serving size (1ml) under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and swallow.


The hemp we use is hand-selected and organically grown in the vast and beautiful fields of Colorado, with absolutely NO pesticides or GMOs. Our Peppermint CBD Oil contains high-quality ingredients that not only taste great but work!

Just use the dropper that comes with your products, hold the tincture under your tongue for thirty seconds, and swallow.

Buying our bundle-pack gives you 2x 1500mg bottles, saves you time, money, and energy too.


What are terpenes and are they safe?

Terpenes are natural and safe! Terpenes are secreted from the oils of cannabis plants naturally, and when we add peppermint terpenes (natural oils) to our high-quality CBD oil it adds a boost of flavor and health benefits too.

What is the importance of peppermint in this oil?

Peppermint has been known to soothe the internal organs, namely your digestion. It also doubles as a breath freshening agent, and tastes delicious!

How much should I consume per day?

We suggest that you always check in with your health practitioner first. Most people who consume CBD oil take a dosage anywhere from 0.5ML to 2.5 ML per day.

How do I take the oil?

The easiest way to consume our peppermint CBD oil is to place the dropper under your tongue and let the oil 'hang out' for around 30 seconds. The oil mingles with your saliva, which brings it to your bloodstream fairly quickly and begins to work fast. You can always mix it in a bit of yogurt or honey too.


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