New Device Calculates The THC Dose In Cannabis Edibles

Have you ever found yourself locked into an edible high that you didn’t sign up for? You thought you calculated a perfect serving size, now, two hours later, you’ve discovered you’ve bitten off more of a THC dose than you can chew. 

You aren’t the only one who’s dabbled in homemade edibles and found themselves regretting the THC dose. How can you guarantee this experience never happens again? Get an at-home THC potency test machine, and never guesstimate the dose again.

Why Accurate Dosing of Edibles Matters

Testing edibles before serving isn’t just about your own experience. Consider what may happen if you miscalculated the dose for a party? Serving up a big batch of infused chocolate chip cookies to your friends could make for a grand celebration. However, a mistake could make for a terrible time. Knowing exactly how much of a THC dose is in every single serving keeps everyone smiling.

Plus, did you know that commercial edibles are notoriously mislabeled? Studies have shown that in some markets, edible labels overestimate or underestimate levels of THC. To avoid these surprises, perhaps you will decide to start making edibles at home. Even on your own blunders may be commonplace. Ask around, and almost everyone will have a story of when edibles went sideways.

Let’s face it, edibles are great, but only when the experience is the one you signed up for. So, how can you make your homemade edibles and the commercially available ones consistent and predictable? More and more patients and recreational users are getting an at-home THC potency test machine as a means to stay safe in their edible explorations. 

Don’t leave it to chance. Testing infusions before dosing keeps the experience consistent, measured, and therapeutically effective. 

Why People Love Edibles: Medicinal Applications and Powerful Highs

Cannabis is increasingly associated with medicinal benefits. From its applications for chronic diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, intractable forms of epilepsy, chronic pain, and beyond, patients are turning to the plant in record numbers. 

On the recreational side of things, edibles are a booming marketplace. Edibles are love for their unique experience. The high is very different when compared to inhaled methods of consumption.

For everyone, an edible allows for a measured dose. If you know the level of THC dose per serving, you know what to expect. Plus, for those seeking a more powerful or therapeutic experience, you can pack more THC in per serving then is possible in smoked forms. 

Edibles last much longer than inhaled cannabis because of the way the human body processes THC through the digestive tract. Instead of a three to four-hour experience, most people report a six to ten-hour experience when they eat cannabinoids (dose and potency dependant). The duration of the experience is an added benefit. Edibles avoid respiratory health risks and can deliver a big dose without continually lighting up.

Of course, there is quite a variation from edible to edible and from person to person, making a THC potency testing machine a valuable way to create a reliable and predictable experience.

Why are Edibles so Unpredictable?

There is a measurable difference between an inhaled experience and an edible one. Cannabinoids go through a molecular transformation when digested. The molecular change is part of the reason why edibles last longer, feel stronger and can lead to an uncomfortable experience if the level of THC is inaccurate or unknown.

Normally, inhaled cannabinoids from a joint, bong, or vaped product travel through the respiratory tract to absorb through the lining of the lungs. The onset comes within seconds. Therefore, the experience is more manageable. 

Edibles, on the other hand, travel through a longer, sluggish route into the digestive tract. Once digested, the cannabinoids work their way through the liver for a process called metabolization. The liver metabolizes THC into a more potent molecular form: THC-COOH. Scientists believe this is several times more potent than its natural form.

Humans tend to eat a serving of edibles all in one go. Of course edibles should be consumed by taking a bite, and waiting for the kick in to happen. Consequently, it’s much easier to ingest too much THC with weed edibles. Remember, it can take two hours to feel symptoms and an appropriate dose is imperative. Testing for THC potency beforehand, and tracking results is one of the only ways to deliver consistent results from experience to experience.

Making Edibles Predictable with a THC Potency Test Machine

People can’t seem to get enough of the unique experience and great therapeutic value offered through weed infused foods.

So, how do we make edibles more predictable and the experience more consistent?

The answer is an at-home THC potency test machine, by tCheck. For the at-home edible maker, this is the only way to know just how much THC (or CBD) is in your cannabutter, cannabis oil. With accurate test results, you’ll know exactly how strong your cannabis-infused meal will be.

The tCheck device is a simple, battery-operated Ultra Violet spectrometer. With a few drops of your butter, oil, or concentrate, the device confirms THC potency within 45 seconds. No, you don’t need a science degree to operate it. The device was developed by patients for patients. It’s a user-friendly, near-instantaneous, and affordable way for everyone to get predictable edible experiences from home-infusions. 

With a THC potency test machine, you can know in advance exactly what type of experience (and what therapeutic results) you are in for with made-at-home THC edibles.

THC Testing, Going Above and Beyond Edibles

The tCheck 2 potency tester is by no means a single-use kitchen appliance. The expansion kit allows for multiple applications, all aimed at keeping your cannabis an accurate and safe experience. 

While the base tCheck THC potency test machine provides results for cannabis-infused oils, butter, coconut oil, and alcohol tinctures, the expansion pack allows for broader applications.

With the expansion kit, the device is capable of testing the full spectrum of cannabis products. That means you’ll know precisely how much THC is in both flower and concentrates. 

Plus, as alluded to above, the device is also useful for determining levels of CBD. Not everyone loves THC-rich strains, and the tCheck has taken this into account. It can test for both CBD and THC in any given product. Because CBD helps balance out the length and strength of THC, these results further help patients predict the experience.

A Measured Experience, and a Consistent One 

Edibles are one of the most efficacious cannabis products for patients with chronic conditions. For recreational consumers, an edible offers a deep-body high and a long-lasting one. The format lends itself to powerful results, no matter what you are after.

Making edibles at home is a perfect way to make these experiences affordable, and delicious – but homemade edibles require a careful hand to measure potency. Having a THC potency test machine in your kitchen cupboard alleviates much of the complicated calculations. Instead of rough estimates, or best guesses, you’ll know exactly how strong your infusions are. It’s the only way to deliver effective and accurate doses every single time.

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