Marijuana use during pregnancy. Is it safe?

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We know that drinking and smoking during pregnancy are big no-nos. But what about cannabis Edibles and Cannabis oil, or even smoking just cannabis. 

The confusion among pregnant women speaks to a pressing and difficult question: How do THC and other cannabinoids affect pregnant women and the long-term health of their children?

This is something we don’t know yet.

Nausea is the primary reason why woman might want to use cannabis during pregnancy. Marijuana is a great treatment for nausea, and also for stimulating an appetite. Nausea is the number one complaint of pregnant women and in severe cases can threaten the health of one’s fetus due the loss of necessary nutrients that can result from what we call “morning sickness.”

Research on marijuana and pregnancy

The article, which was published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, reviewed several studies conducted between 1982 and 2015. The 31 studies included in the review assessed the risks involved with cannabis…and when all were considered, the review concluded that cannabis doesn’t pose any risks to pregnant women or their fetuses.

This isn’t the first time a scientific study has suggested this: The CDC’s 2010 study also found marijuana to be safe during pregnancy.

But let’s not forget that this is an incredibly complicated issue. While some studies have indicated the safety of cannabis use during pregnancy, others have called this into question

Bottom line, the use of cannabis during pregnancy seem to be safe, but there is not enough research to back it up. It might be best to avoid THC while pregnant, at least recreationally, and consult your doctor for particular medical needs. As we dont know for sure how it can effect a child long term. Marijuana can sometimes be used as a morning sickness cure—if your doctor suggests this course of treatment.

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