Kiva Cannabis Chocolate Bar [ Review]

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Sometimes you want a delicious tasting cannabis edible, but don’t feel like cooking a batch of it. You want to make sure, if you pick up a weed edible from the dispensary it’s of the best standard. We would like to help you in choosing the right edibles, to make sure you pick the best one, and break down the cannabis edible for you in terms of quality, taste and effect.
Today we will do a review of the famous Californian Cannabis Chocolate Bar called Kiva. We will rate the chocolate bar on

  • Taste & Texture
  • Quality
  • Effect
  • Price

Taste & Texture

Kiva Chocolate Bars come in 8 different flavors, and we found every single flavor absolutely delicious. All the chocolate bars are infused with Cold-Water Hash and come in the form of different potency.
The taste of cannabis in the Kiva Chocolate Bar is nearly non existing, which is what we believe makes a well-integrated balanced edible. One bite of this chocolate, and you can easily say this chocolate is of high quality.

The Kiva Cannabis Chocolate bar looks inviting, smells glorious, makes an alluring sound when we snap it or bite into it, and feel luscious in the mouth.

Rating Taste & Texture: 10/10


Cannabis chocolate

The packaging is fairly basic looking, yet handy, since the chocolate bar is not super easy to open. Making it harder for kids to get their hands on it.

The Kiva Cannabis Chocolate bar is easy to dose, it is well separated in different pieces with clear MG signs engraved in the chocolate.

The Cannabis Chocolate bars are lab-tested for Pesticides, Microbiological contaminant, Cannabinoids etc. Any questions regarding their testing can be mailed to them, including to see the certificate of analysis for a particular product.

Because Kiva is such a great tasting Cannabis Chocolate Bar, Kiva is also great to cook or bake with. Simply melt the chocolate and make brownies of it, or make a delicious cannabis infused Kiva Chocolate milk.

Rate product Quality: 10/10


It is said to us the Chocolate bars are infused with a blend of Sativa/Indica strains.
We feel that the bars are great for relaxing, pain-relieving and give an effect of feeling super calm. The bars kicked in about 50 minutes after consuming and was very pleasant and relaxing.

After a couple of hours you can get really sleepy, so planning a high energy activity before eating this chocolate is not recommended. Rather, go for a body melting couch-lock. Or make an appointment at the spa, and get one of those relaxing massages.

Overall, we found the effects on the Kiva Chocolate Bar potent, effective and very pleasant.

Rate effect: 9/10


The price of a Kiva Chocolate bar that contains around 100mg THC is 20 US dollars. Which is slightly more expensive than most edibles offering 100mg THC. However, considering the taste, quality and effectiveness, we believe it’s worth every penny.

Rate Price: 9/10


Kiva Chocolate bar is available in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.
Hopefully they will expand in the coming years, but as of now, if you are in California, you can visit one of 400 of dispensaries where their chocolate is available. Click Here to see if there is one near you.

Kiva cannabis bar review

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Can I buy this chocolate from England as I think you are in the states


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