Judge calls cop “complete idiot” after eating cannabis chocolate bar

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A Toronto police officer has been called a “complete idiot” by a judge in Canada, after pleading guilty to stealing and ingesting a chocolate bar that was laced with marijuana. The chocolate was seized in a raid carried out on an illegal cannabis dispensary.

The cop in question, Vittorio Dominelli resigned from the police force last week after he pleaded guilty to the obstruction of justice with regards to the embarrassing incident that took place in January this year.

The father of three and his work partner, Constable Jamie Young, picked the chocolate bars up after leaving the raid to pick up some pizza for the rest of the squad. Neither one of the officers in question had ever tried cannabis previously, the court heard.

Dominelli and Young were responsible for conducting surveillance on an after-hours bar after the raid was over and this is where the officers decided it would be a good idea to try the chocolate bars. The court heard that they consumed the entire chocolate bar during their surveillance operation, which resulted in them becoming completely intoxicated.

Twenty minutes later, Dominelli made an emergency 10-33 call, which is a Canadian police code that stands for”officer needs assistance,” and he asked for an ambulance to be sent to them. Dominelli´s statement revealed:

“My heart was pounding. I felt like it was going to come out of my mouth, I realized instantly what a stupid thing I had done. At that point, I did not care anymore about the prospects of getting caught or the professional consequences. I just wanted medical help.”

The police officer was taken to a nearby hospital, where he vomited several times and tested positive for THC.

Dominelli’s attorney has requested a conditional discharge and 200 hours of community service in response to the obstruction of justice charge.

During the court hearing, Justice Mary Misener said “The conduct here, you cannot describe as anything other than stupid,” she also added that in her opinion, Dominelli is a “complete idiot.”

His partner was also charged with attempting to obstruct justice as well as breach of trust, however these charges have not yet been proven in court.

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