Its out! Here is a 1st look of the new Marijuana breathalyzers.

by Jacob Cildavul
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The new Marijuana breathalyzers were due to come out, now we have a first look at the device and how it exactly works.

Hounds Labcreated the device which detects the amount of THC in a driver’s system.

NBC News got one of the first looks at the new device:

We certainly don’t want someone to smoke pot and get behind the wheel,” Dr. Mike Lynn, Hounds Lab CEO said.

Whether you smoke, vape or ingest edibles, there are a number of ways to test for THC. But the only way to know if someone recently used cannabis unless you test their breath.

The device can detect if someone has smoked within the last few hours,” Lynn said.

Researchers are hoping this new tool will help save lives.

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