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How to Keep Your Weed Fresh – Storage Tips

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How Do You Keep Your Weed Fresh?

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything, or maybe you’re new to the Canna-Culture and checking out the best ways to store your stash.

We’re here to help you discover some easy, fantastic and creative ways to ensure your weed stays fresh, period.

Over the years, cannabis packaging has happily become more sophisticated, with features designed to maintain freshness. While packages will state the harvest date, did you know though, that the flower doesn’t come with an expiration date?

So the question remains:

How Long Does Weed Stay Fresh?

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The two worst ways you can store your weed is on a tray, exposed to oxygen and light, and/or in a ziplock or plastic sandwich bag. That’s just wrong!

Cannabis storage is also a key component of quality and freshness. Cannabis needs the right balance of conditions to remain fresh, which is exactly what you want, right?!

Cultivators go to great lengths to make sure your flower is packaged with optimal moisture content, in dark packaging to keep light out. But have you seen transparent packaging on the shelves? A little confusing, isn’t it?

Consumers need to see and smell the product on the shelf when it comes to deciding what to purchase, and some companies have even started replacing the oxygen in their packages with nitrogen to help maintain freshness.

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Want the Best Possible Marijuana Experience?

To fully enjoy the best marijuana experience, you’ll need to know how to keep weed fresh and how to store weed properly. Our guide will give you everything you need to know.

Mold and Moisture in Marijuana

When cannabis is properly cured, it allows moisture from the bud to dissipate from the flower without changing any of the cannabinoids or terpenes. Once the flower has the perfect moisture content, it’s placed into proper packaging.

When you take it home, it’s important to try to maintain that balance.

If you lose too much moisture, it can change the integrity of your flower. Your flower will become brittle and it will lose taste. On the other hand, too much moisture or water, the consequences are more serious and could affect your health.

The Best Temperature to Store Cannabis

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Keep your weed in a cool, dark place at or slightly below room temperature. The ideal temperature is as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius if you can. Nobody wants moldy marijuana!

Bright Light and Oxygen Change Cannabis

What’s the biggest culprit when your weed goes bad? Light!It’s is the single largest factor in your weed going bad.

If you’re thinking of using glass mason jars, think again! They may looks nice, but they won’t protect your pot the way an opaque or dark container will. Try using a brown or green glass bottle ( like the beer companies do).

Oxygen can oxidize essential terpenes and change the overall scent of the flower into a grassy, haylike smell. Let’s leave that to the horses! To reduce exposure to oxygen, make sure there aren’t any air pockets in your container.

You Should Always Store your Weed In an Airtight Container.


Another great tip to store weed: don’t use large containers to store small amounts of weed, because this leaves too much air inside the container.

Extend The Shelf Life of Cannabis

Knowing how to store weed properly will help you get the most out of your weed- experience. To extend your marijuanas shelf life, be mindful to limit exposure to the elements.

When you open your container, grab your ganja, and immediately close your package. Don’t let it sit open, and avoid windy or highly ventilated areas.

What not to do? Please do not ever use a cigar humidor to store your weed. Cigar humidors are typically lined with cedar wood. The oils in the wood help enhance the taste of cigars, but those same oils tend to harm cannabis. The humidity is too high and that, my friends, will wreck your high too.

When using your properly stored and fresh weed, you can do a million different things like creating your own edibles, and fantastic-tasting Cannabis recipes! Check out these Cannabis Cooking Utensils – if you’re going to go proper with pot, go all the way!

If you really want to level up, Cannadish created a Cookbook that’s easy and fun!

Storing your stash in a dark, and seal tight container, in a temperature-controlled place with minimal sunlight is your best bet for long term storage of your wonderful weed to use in so many pot-tastic ways!

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