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How To Grow A Cannabis Bonsai Tree

Growing a Cannabis bonsai tree

Yes, with some time and patience, you can shape a weed plant into a bonsai tree!

If you’re dreaming of nurturing your own bonsai tree from watching Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid, this is your chance. Not only can you shape a marijuana plant into a cannabis bonsai, it might be the best way to start trying your hand at this ancient craft.

Firstly, what is a bonsai tree?

Contrary to popular belief, “bonsai” doesn’t refer to a specific species of tree. Rather, it’s a way to grow and shape a tree. It’s a well-known Japanese art form of designing a very small tree to closely resemble its much larger counterpart in the wild. These trees are almost always grown in a container and any type of tree can be a bonsai. However, some are easier to train and style than others. 

You can grow your own bonsai with seeds or a small cutting. Curiously, most people opt for a tree from a nursery. This is likely because it is easier. Growing and shaping a bonsai tree isn’t necessarily difficult, either. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and the patience it requires. For some trees, it may take years to achieve the style you’re looking for. 

The three most common types of bonsai are slanted, formal, and informal. Using simple techniques like pruning and wiring, you can bend branches to grow in a particular shape while keeping the tree miniature. Through careful and creative planning, you can produce an aesthetically pleasing bonsai tree. For many, this can be a fulfilling and even a zen-Sh practice. Following long-term commitment to the tree, some even begin to think of their bonsais like family.

Here is how to you can grow a cannabis bonsai tree:

You can use marijuana to grow a bonsai tree. You can yield your bonsai from cannabis seed or trim of an existing tree. Cannabis grows faster than trees. Fortunately, this means you can break into the art of bonsai without the decade long commitment. Losing a bonsai tree after such a long time can feel devastating. This may be a little bit softer of a place to start. In addition, if you’ve never had your own weed plants before, it can be a fun way to learn how to grow cannabis.

The most important part of a healthy plant is the soil. You’ll need to keep your weed bonsai in a pot that’s on the smaller side. This soil needs to hydrate and retains water very well. We also recommend that you drill small holes around the lip of the pot. This way, you’ll have something tocan anchor the shaping wire on.

How do I shape my weed bonsai tree?

beginning of cannabis bonsai tree

Once you’ve installed your cutting or seed in its new home, tie the stem to a wooden stake. This will train the growth of the plant. Once it starts emitting branches, you can prune and train your weed bonsai in the design you prefer using wiring. In order to stunt the plant into a miniature bonsai style, you’ll need to actively prune the plant to prevent vertical growth. 

Pruning also allows light and airflow to reach the nether regions of the plant. Interestingly, it can even help prevent mold. Mold is a threat to your baby bonsai and needs to be minded while growing cannabis.

This is how to harvest your weed bonsai:

This is where the process of growing your own cannabis bonsai gets exciting. At a certain point, you will be ready to harvest your little guy’s buds to smoke them. Keep a close eye on the trichomes and small hair-like pistils. These little features turn from white to orange and deeper in shade. This is one simple way to discern when your flowers are mature and ready to pick.

After you’ve harvested your buds from your bonsai tree, you can keep the plant around as a work of art. This cannabis plant can be put it into a vegetative state so that it can flower again. You may wish to start a new weed bonsai with your bonsai friend. The beauty of using marijuana for bonsai is the quick and recurring gratification. It is likely that you will see this weed plant sprout and grow to be fruitful again.

How long will my cannabis bonsai tree last?

You can keep a cannabis bonsai tree around for multiple seasons. It is worthy to note that each season may result in loss of potency. The stems may also become more stiff over time. This does make your bonsai harder to shape. If you’re planning on maintaining your bonsai for a couple of years, be sure to give it the right nutrition, and trim the roots when they fill the pot. 

Most importantly, do not stress if your first weed bonsai doesn’t turn out. Thanks to their quick growing time, you can start this again in no time.

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