Hollywood’s First-Ever Cannabis Restaurant, And It Looks Amazing!

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This summer, one of California’s biggest cannabis brands is entering the restaurant world with a rooftop restaurant in West Hollywood.

Officials approved eight consumption licenses where smoking, vaping, and edibles would be permitted on-site. It was only a matter of time before the first cannabis restaurant came to light, and this one is by popular marijuana brand Lowell Herb Co. and will call the eatery Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, which hopes to open this summer.

Andrea Drummer will lead in the kitchen and build cannabis into every dish. A veteran cannabis chef, Drummer produced private marijuana events throughout Los Angeles since 2012 with her business, Elevation VIP Coop. Her menu will feature fresh and seasonal dishes using Lowell’s cannabis

Expect the rooftop restaurant to be lush with greenery, in more ways than one: As of now, the goal is to fill the space with verdant vines snaking their way up the walls and onto roof rafters, while the massive patio will be dotted with trees and potted plants.

There aren’t many details into the restaurant’s buildout or specs as of yet, but Take a look at renderings of the restaurant, below, as well as a glimpse inside their grow house:

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