Getting Stoned in Disneyland. “The happiest place on earth”

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Recreational use of Marijuana is legal in California, but you still can’t smoke weed in Disneyland. However, people discreetly vape and/or take edibles prior going to Disneyland all the time. That is because Disneyland is is one of the funnest places on earth to get stoned.

But be advised, if you get caught smoking weed in the park, you’ll get kicked out and worse. You might get fined, and taken to Disney Jail! So it is highly suggested having a home base hotel room, or “headquarters,” for all your marijuana related needs. You’re sure to not bother anyone with the smell and you’re avoiding the risk of getting caught.

Tips on getting stoned in Disneyland

The Disneyland Resort is full of cameras, secret police, and a lot of irate parents who love to complain about anything they might find offensive to their kids. So, if you want to have a good trip, vape instead of smoking weed and always consume your weed edibles prior to entering the park.

Entering the Disneyland park with a bag full of cannabis infused gummies is not a smart move for many reasons.

Don’t eat too much edibles or drink the whole bottle of that thc infused soda.
You don’t want to get too high to a point that you start tripping insanely in the kid attractions. Start with low doses and just enjoy the rides.

Have a look at Main Street Cinema, Snow white’s Grotto and The Disney Animation Building. Or just go for the Disneyland Railroad and find a corner seat on the train and just chill.

Getting stoned in Disneyland should be a fun experience as an adult. But don’t forget Disneyland is, it is first and foremost a place for children. Get stoned responsibly.

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