5 Surprising Health Benefits of CBD Oil

by Cannadish

Cannabidiol oil is used for health purposes, but it is controversial. There is some confusion about what it is, and its effect on the human body

In this article, you will learn about cutting-edge findings of the health benefits of CBD.

CBD for Sex

There are numerous reasons why people choose to use CBD for sex. The following are a few possible groups who may benefit most from this cannabinoidcbd for sex

    • People with anxiety. One of the most common problems folks share with me during coaching sessions is that they get stuck in their heads during sex.They feel self-conscious about their bodies—shape, smell, taste, arousal, responsiveness … the list goes on. Smoking, vaping, or dabbing a high-CBD strain or concentrate before sex can help get you out of your head and into your body.
    • People who can’t or don’t want to be high. Maybe you have kids running around and can’t commit to being in an altered state for any period of time. Perhaps you just straight up don’t enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC. There are many entirely valid reasons that someone might not want to feel the heady effects of cannabis but still, want to enjoy the health benefits associated with the plant. CBD can provide a wide range of those benefits.
    • People with the acute or chronic pain. I’ve spoken with a number of people living with chronic pain about the positive impact that cannabis has on their sex lives. Additionally, I recently pulled a muscle in my low back. And my lover gave me a massage with Apothecanna’s 1:1 CBD: THC Extra Strength Pain Relieving Cream: It worked wonders and kept an injury from putting a damper on our sex life. (Note: I had access to the 1:1 because I live in California and have a medical card, but their CBD-only formulations are available in all 50 states.) Whatever type of pain you’re experiencing, CBD can help.

Pain, anxiety, convenience—all are very valid reasons why you might consider using high-CBD products for sex. Others who aren’t experiencing any issues at all may still choose to use CBD for its ability to relax the mind and body.

CBD Lowers Incidence of Diabetes

The study which included 4,657 adult men and women showed that current marijuana use was associated with 16% lower fasting insulin levels, and smaller waist circumferences, a factor connected to the onset of diabetes (R).

cbd for diabetes

Cannabidiol significantly reduces the development of diabetes in young non-obese mice. From 86% in non-treated mice to only 30% in mice treated with CBD (R).

Cannabidiol can inhibit and delay the destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic cells and the production of inflammatory cytokines in diabetics.


Another promising use for CBD is as a new treatment for acne. Acne is caused, in part, by inflammation and overworked sebaceous glands on the body.

A recent study posted to the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD helps to lower the production of sebum that leads to acne, partly because of its anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

CBD could be a future treatment for acne vulgaris, the most common form of acne.


Common treatments for fibromyalgia are anti-inflammatory medications, opioid pain medications, and corticosteroids. A 2011 study that focused on CBD treatment for fibromyalgia produced very promising results for future uses in treatment. Half of the 56 participants used CBD, while the other half used traditional methods to treat their condition. Those that used cannabis saw a great reduction in their symptoms and pain, while those using traditional methods didn’t see much of an improvement.

Helps fight cancer

CBD has been studied for its use as an anti-cancer agent.

A review posted to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology notes that CBD appears to block cancer cells from spreading around the body and invading an area entirely.

The review indicates that CBD tends to suppress the growth of cancer cells and promote the death of these cells.

Researchers note that CBD may help in cancer treatment because of its low toxicity levels. They call for it to be studied along with standard treatments, to check for synergistic effects.

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