Cannabis Oil Saves 7 Year Old Boy, So He Can Celebrate Christmas For The First Time

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Alfie Dingley had his first epileptic attack when he was just eight months old. He was put on various anti-epileptic medications, but nothing worked.
Since then, his condition worsened and he typically had 150 seizures a week. A brutal attack would last up to 25 minutes.

In the UK there are around 1,200 deaths related to epilepsy a year – and his mother Hannah Deacon feared her young son may become one of those statistics.

Desperate to save him before he suffered lasting brain damage, last year they moved to Holland for five months so he could be prescribed medical cannabis, where it is legal. After six weeks the boy’s condition dramatically improved.

After Alfie was granted a special licence to use the substance in June, his mum Hannah Deacon became the first person to legally enter Britain with cannabis oil.
Alfie has been seizure-free since than, goes to school and even started learning to ride a bike.

Like most children, the seven-year-old has been looking forward to meeting Santa.
But, unlike most youngsters his age, Alfie has only just un­­der­stood who Santa is.

So, for the first time since he was born with a rare form of epilepsy– and thanks to cannabis oil – his family can celebrate the festive season properly.

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