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CBD Hair Products for Sale


  • CBD Sugar Scrub: A citrus-scented scrub with our soothing Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract and 250mg CBD. CBD Moisturizer: We infuse our  CBD lotion with 300 mg's of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and Coconut Oil for glowing, nourished skin. CBD Shampoo: Gently detangle your hair while strengthening every strand with our rich CBD and Argan Oil Shampoo. CBD Conditioner: A powerful blend of luscious Argan Oil and stimulating CBD Oil is the a-team for your hair needs.

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    Try our luxurious CBD shampoo and never go back!

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  • Sale!

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    $44.99 $29.99

Udea by Cannadish CBD Hair Products Are Top Shelf

Searching for the perfect CBD hair products can be a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for a CBD beauty lineup that you can trust, we’d love you to check this out. Our CBD Shampoo and Conditioner is made with the finest hemp extract on the market. We are even coupling or non-GMO hemp oil with Argan oil to make this CBD hair product superior to the other hemp haircare options out there.

Of course, everyone is going to encourage you to try their CBD oil hair care products. So, why choose Udea by Cannadish Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner? Bottom line is, we just want you to be safe. Our third party lab tested products get ahead of unwanted side effects from product lines where you just don’t know what’s inside.

Our CBD and Hemp oil hair care is formulated using ingredients that we depend on. From carefully hulled hemp extract to leading Argan oil for hair, our CBD hair products are super reliable. They make your hair look pretty incredible, too. 

Supple moisture quenches parched strands and untangles unruly manes. We select our products to help our CBD beauty fans get the luxurious hair they’re hoping for. Our combination of carefully captured hemp oil for hair with Argan oil are your secret weapon to annihilate a flaky scalp. Restore shine and confidence as your hair lengthens from growth stimulating CBD oil in hair.