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CBD Bath Bombs for Sale


Amazing CBD Bath Bombs For Sale

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love a bath bomb? Probably not. Well, we are making this hemp wellness product even more exciting by carefully dosing your bath bombs with CBD oil. If you’re in the market for gorgeous skin, check out our list of CBD bath bombs that vary in scent and essential oils.

Create a relaxing CBD spa session after a long day. Draw a bath and drop in a CBD bath bomb that is pre-dosed with rich coconut and hemp oil. Choose from our list of CBD and essential oil bath bombs to tailor your sensual experience. You’re going to want to transport your mind back to this bath when you’re back at the office.

Our CBD bath bombs are chock full of carefully hulled hemp extract. Captured from organic hemp grown in Colorado fields, we use only high quality cannabinoids to fortify your bathing experience. Hang on to your youthful glow, and ward off those stress wrinkles. Our Udea by Cannadish CBD bath bombs are here to help you unwind.

Our Cannadish CBD bath bombs come in the following scents:

·       Relax Eucalyptus Scent

·       Hope  Lavender Scent

·       Success Orange Scent

·       Release Peppermint Scent

·       Revive Sweet Rose Scent 

Before you check out, peruse our lab testing results for total confidence in your new CBD wellness accessory. Unbox your hemp oil skincare and learn how to use CBD bath bombs to better your bathing routine.