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Best CBD Oil For Cooking Plus Tips & Recipes

Cbd oil used as ingredient in cooking food

The Ultimate Guide on how to use CBD oil in the kitchen, with recipes for cooking and baking with CBD oil.

Want to infuse your food with the health benefits of CBD oil? You’re not alone!

Basically, foodies everywhere are incorporating CBD oil into their regular routine and raving about how it has changed their lives. Find out how to begin using CBD oil for cooking, baking, in smoothies and more.

This article covers how to pick the best oil for cooking. We’ll also give you some tips on using CBD in the kitchen and some delicious recipes to try out for yourself.

Best Oil for Cooking & Baking?

What should you look for in CBD oil for cooking or baking?

Firstly, you should always start with high quality CBD oil that’s free from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and chemical residues. Secondly, the best CBD oil for cooking and baking should be Full Spectrum oil. This means the oil contains a wide range of naturally occurring cannabinoid and terpene compounds, which give CBD oil its beneficial properties.

Another important factor in choosing the best CBD oil for cooking or baking is, of course, the flavor! Most CBD oils have a herbal or earthy kind of taste that can make whatever your cooking or baking taste more like grass clippings than your favorite pasta or salad dressing.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid having your dishes and recipes taste like green hemp leaves while still infusing the stress-relieving health benefits of CBD into your meal. 

MAXCBD for Cooking

The reason most CBD oil tastes a bit green or earthy is because of the plant matter that remains in the extract after processing.

That’s why so many CBD edibles are sugary, sweet snacks, because it’s easy to mask the bitter taste of lower quality Cannabidiol with the added ingredients. MAXCBDs advanced hemp extraction method removes the unwanted waxy, plant matter, while preserving the volatile chemical profile that gives CBD its amazing health benefits.

Since MAXCBDs CBD oil for cooking has no plant flavor or added flavors. Therefore its perfect for adding to your favorite dishes, meals, or drinks in the kitchen without altering the dish’s taste. By removing inactive plant compounds like chlorophyll, lipids, and proteins, MAXCBD is able to produce more pure and more powerful CBD oil for cooking

The result is a high quality, flavorless oil for cooking or baking. It has all of the benefits you want and none of the earthy plant flavor that you don’t.

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MAXCBD Wellness Natural oil. "The Best CBD Oil for Cooking"

Tips for Cooking With CBD Oil

  • Basically, CBD oil can lose some of its beneficial properties if heated too high. Keep cooking temps below 340 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damaging the quality of your oil.
  • For optimal results, use the oil as a finishing touch. Its best in savory dishes, or added into salad dressings, sauces, and even soup.
  • Be mindful of the potency and dosage of the oil in your recipe. Make sure you know how many milligrams of CBD each portion of your meal will contain. Otherwise, your dinner party guests might suddenly feel super tired and sleepy before dessert comes out.

Cooking and baking with CBD oil doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Today’s top chefs and kitchen celebrities are all using CBD oil. Its in everything from 5 course dinners to cocktails, desserts, and more. Before you get to work cooking with this oil, we’ve got something for you. Below are a few great recipes we’ve selected exclusively for our readers. Try them out tonight and be sure to use MAXCBD’s CBD oil for cooking and baking in the kitchen.

Recipes to Try:

Check out this amazing CBD-infused caramel sauce to drizzle on your desserts, brownies, and ice cream!

CBD Caramel Sauce by

Here’s 10 amazing food recipes with CBD collected by Boston Magazine for their Wellness readers. Check it out! 

10 Food Recipes with CBD by Boston Magazine: Wellness

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