A Family Birthday turned into Chaos After Someone secretly Put marijuana in the Cake

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At a family birthday lunch in Australia last weekend, a birthday cake was laced with marijuana and served to unsuspecting family members. And it did not really go as the prankster had in mind, as it became a vomiting party with some being hospitalized. As told to 3AW by one of the guests.

Claire went on to explain that another party guest—a man in his late 20s—had loaded the cake up with cannabis chocolate because he “thought it would liven up the family birthday party.” However, some of the guest were in their 50s, others in their 80s.


“Everyone was having a lovely time and cake was passed around at dessert with fruit and cream and some nice little chocolate chunks sprinkled over it,” recalled Claire, a woman in her 50s and one of five people who ended up in hospital that day. “It turns out the chocolate chunks contained marijuana.”

“The effect was not immediate which I now know is the case with edibles,” said Claire. “Within an hour I was experiencing throat swelling and dizziness, [and] within three hours myself and four other family members were hospitalised with overdose.”

“Apparently, I’m allergic to cannabis or whatever it was in that very high dose.”

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