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Weed Infused Munchie Paradox: 5 Munchies That’ll Make You Hungry

Picture this: you are chilling with mates. You’re hitting a peak high from a weed infused munchie. The munchies are starting to kick in. Now, imagine getting the munchies from weed edibles and there is still a whole tray of cannabis edibles on the counter. Yes, friends, this is how the never ending munchie loop starts. You’re reaching for those munchies, because you’re in the thick of the munchies. #stonerproblems.

Perhaps you enjoy eating and want to experience this further. Maybe you’re a patient that doesn’t always experience a strong appetite.

This is a list of munchies that may give you the never ending munchie loop. These are also fantastic weed edibles that you may want to try your hand at!

5. Cannabis Infused Nutella


It’s tempting if you need an immediate sweet fix, to put your spoon straight in the jar. But wait, it’s Infused with cannabis. Would you go for this cannabis infused dessert anyway? Start with just a teaspoon..  Before you know it, you are back at square 1.

4. Caramel Rice Krispie Treats

caramel weed Krispy treats cause the never ending munchies

A classic stoner treat, marshmallows and rice krispies with weed infused salted caramel sauce in it. What if you just made a batch of this, got the munchies, and it’s just standing there on the kitchen counter, looking at you.

3. Cannabis Ice Cream 


No introduction necessary. Ice cream is a struggle free snack that requires no effort. It is one of the best weed infused munchie choices, really.Chocolate ice cream with infused blondies is even harder to resist.

2. Cannabis Gummy Bears

cannabis gummy bears cause never ending munchies

These bastards are dangerous, don’t touch these! Especially if every gummy is infused. Which is probably the case. Will you ever stop eating this weed infused munchie?

1. Weed-Infused Oreo Cookies


Oreo’s have been the perfect weed infused munchie for a long time now. And they are so damn addictive. Especially the freshly-baked ones! This makes weed-infused oreo cookies very dangerous.

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