10 year throwback: Stoned cop called 911 fearing he was dying from weed brownies

by Cannadish
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It’s already 12 years ago that Police officer Edward Sanchez of Dearborn, Michigan made some weed brownies with his wife and got so paranoid that he called 911 for fear they were dying. The recording of the 911 call is absolutely insane. From a transcript:

Sanchez:I think I’m having an overdose. and so is my wife.

911: Overdose of what?

Sanchez: Marijuana…

Sanchez: We made brownies. and I think we’re dead. I really do…

Sanchez: Time is going by really, really, really slow…

Sanchez: What’s the score in the Red Wings game?

911: I’ve got no clue, i don’t watch the Red Wings.

Sanchez: I just wanted to make sure this isn’t some kind of hallucination I’m having.

You can watch the full video here:

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