10 Weed Edibles That Won’t Be For Sale When Canada Legalizes Edibles

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Canada is set to legalize the sale of cannabis-infused edibles by October 17, 2019, but not all varieties of infused foods will be available as the current regulations would still prohibit stores from selling certain types of edibles.

Here are 10 edibles you still won’t be able to buy next October.

10-8 Cannabis ice cream, popsicles, and cheesecakes

The new regulations stipulate that all cannabis edibles must be shelf stable. That means dispensaries can’t sell any edibles that has to be frozen or refrigerated for that reason. so Weed Ice cream, popsicles and Cheesecake are all a big no no, because they can’t be stored at room temperature.

8-5 Beef, Pork, Poultry and Fish

The Canadian government is also banning infused meat (except for dried varieties like beef jerky). So that means you won’t be able to buy Infused steak or chicken wings anywhere. However, there certainly are some private invitation-only Cannabis events around Canada already that serve these cannadishes.

5-3 Coffee, Coca Cola and Red Bull

The feds say edibles can’t contain more than 30 mg of caffeine. That means you won’t be able to buy Cannabis coffee, cola, energy drinks or even most cannabis teas as they all contain more than 30 mg of caffeine.

3-2 Cannabis wine and cocktails

Alcohol is banned from solid edible cannabis or beverages containing THC.
So do not expect to be able to order a Cannabis infused Mojito anywhere, or buy wine and beer that contains both alcohol and THC.

1. Potent edibles

Each individual edible, whether it be a Cannabis gummy bears or a Pot Brownie, can’t contain more than 10 mg of THC in Canada. That means a slew of high-powered edibles won’t be available for sale. This might bring some complaints in the future, 10mg is just a small Apéritif for some. Of course you can still make your Weed edibles at home.

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